Meet The Ethically-Sustainable Italian Underwear Label Embracing The Core Values Of Craftsmanship

An objective to further-advance the quality in making through a pioneering method of ethical-sourcing and leading-edge thinking.

Chidozie Obasi

It’s called “Maniere Italiane”, the brand with a heart full of value and a love for the environment. Born in the town of Gonzaga, Italy, the underwear label managed by young entrepreneur and engineering alumni Nicola Lamberti, produces an authentic and symbolic Italian-allied merchandise, with a mission to enhance the status of Italian craftsmanship. “For us, Made in Italy and Eco-sustainability have an increasingly important role to play in our generation” remarked founder and managing director Lamberti.

The brand’s key ambition lies on maintaining a product-process that is ethically-sourced and recyclable: from the fibres to the finished item, labels to the packaging, the cotton utilised in construction is 100% certified and, unlike a high percentage of packaging, doesn’t contain substances of harmful nature. Fabrics own a great deal of elasticity (heightening practicality, ease, and comfort), and allowing breezy body movements. Seamlessly-fitting for bodies of all kinds. Packaging comes within the latter part of the brand’s production process: Simple and refined, it highlights the colours and styles of underwear, making the palette impeccable and aligned with the theme of all details (and most prominently, embodying the colours of the Italian flag).

And it all makes sense. One could buy the attraction of the underwear through their affordability for assorted demographics alike. It’s a great way to build a fashion brand, from foundations up: And the idea of investing into something refreshing and introspective is a rightful reminder of the impact relating to mass-consumption, in spite of marking a fashion crossover that’s worth following. The thematics brought in are great, and let’s watch out for its future.

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