How to mix your chairs?

I remember watching “Friends” as a kid and I always loved Monica her apartment. It might be not the most stylish apartment we’ve seen but It looked so cosy all the time. Most of my attention went to the kitchen. I loved how Monica mixed her chairs at the dining table. I remember saying to my sister: ‘If I ever have a studio when I go to college or university I want that too’. Well I skipped that part of life and went for a decent apartment instead, as I’m working as a full-time blogger now. – I still wanted to create that same cosy, ‘coming-home’-feeling in our own kitchen as well. Because the kitchen might be the most important room (after your living room) of your apartment.

In the first place, I was looking for velvet chairs and I wanted to mix colors. Not the chairs like in Monica her apartment, which might be a little bit too much, but I wanted to create something unique, and cosy at the same time.

I went pinteresting and below are shown some examples I really like. My preference is going to the image below. These chairs, called Brit, are from the Dutch design-brand Zuiver. They design their whole collection themselves. So pretty!


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