Money Clutters? It’s Time To Save Your Pennies: Apple Products Are Set To Increase In Price

And if you never cherished taxes, Apple doesn’t mind, for sure.

Chidozie Obasi

Apple products, counting the likes of the Apple Watch and the covetable AirPods, could be about to get more expensive due to new tariffs imposed by Trump’s legislation, The Verge reports.

The tariffs, officially set to kick off on September 1st, will imply a 10 percent import tax on tech /lifestyle products, including smartwatches, speakers, Bluetooth headphones and fitness gadgets. Other electronics such as handsets and laptops might have further tariffs put into place, however the increase has allegedly been delayed until December.

It’s not yet established if Apple, tech companies, and major contractors will add the tariff increases to consumers or engross the costs themselves. When a 10 percent import tax was imposed on chargers earlier this year, Apple’s retail prices didn’t vary.

The rises come in as a consequence of the United States’ enduring trade war against China, which produces a large profusion of the globe’s consumer electronics. Apple is ostensibly seeking to shift its production out of the country responsible for the product increases.


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