My night at Le Grand Ducal

Matthias Geerts


Today I’m telling you about a small trip we did a few weekends ago. We were invited for La Nuit by Sofitel, a world wide concept created by the hotel group to bring cultural highlights, fantastic music and beautiful people together for an exclusive night out. Last weekend La Nuit was organized in Sofitel Le grand Ducal in Luxembourg.

Getting there was quite a hassle because driving from Antwerp to Luxembourg on a Friday night wasn’t the best plan and took us much longer than expected. We were really happy to arrive and the hotel staff made us feel welcome from the moment I stopped the car. The car was parked for us, the luggage was brought to our room and small appetizers were awaiting us. Arriving late also meant we were starving, but no worries, Sofitel had us covered and diner was delivered to our room. We had some time for ourselves and were getting back in the mood for a party. The party was situated at their sky bar and when we arrived at the top floor the room was already packed with many people, funky beats and a great atmosphere. It was only after a couple glasses of champagne I realized the amazing from the sky bar. The view really stroke me, you could see the whole valley of Luxembourg and cultural center from there, really beautiful.

I had a little chat with the PR manager of the hotel and she told us it was already their fifth edition of La Nuit by Sofitel and that it is becoming a great success. They already had some great international DJ’s and the crowd has grown quite a lot. And I understand because, the luxurious atmosphere, delicious drinks, great music and amazing view is the perfect cocktail for a great night out.

After a great night I slept like a baby. We woke up quite late but right in time for breakfast. This was served on the same floor and the night before and this gave us the opportunity to see the view by day. It was the perfect closure a short but great trip, we took our bags and headed back home with a nice memory of Sofitel Le Grand Ducal. Unfortunately we did not have the time to stay and explore the city, however this gives us a good reason to return.

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Yesterday night at @sofitelgrandducal celebrating #LaNuit with Belgium's finest! #LeGrandDucal

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It's the weekend! Let's start it with a hearty breakfast! ? #LeGrandDucal

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Spending the last few hours of the weekend in my fancy socks of @footcardigan! Hope you all had a nice weekend! #Sunday #FootCardigan

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