Neon And Tie-Dye In Action: All You Need To Know

Ready to rock this season with effortless trend-appeal?

Chidozie Obasi

If you were quizzing yourself on how to discover top tips, this brand knows it all: teaching us how it’s done is Represent, a streetwear label which took a retrospective stance by looking at the 90’s and British Pop Culture in the latest collection.

A thoughtful mindset focussed in their Mancunian upbringing enabled the designers to delve into a decade of music prominence, empowering a dictation and clear definition to the style of future generations.

For Spring/Summer 19, the brand explores the rules of counter-culture, adding notable significance to elements such as bucket hats, cross-body bags and swim shorts, determining a fresh and radiant trend phase.

With a tribute to Represent’s proud heritage, the apparel’s shaping is -unquestionably- of utter importance: traditional patterns, abstract prints and vintage silhouettes lay the foundations seen in the new collection. A contemporary feel is further embodied by garments through a mix of tie-dying techniques, alongside bleached out hues and vibrant splashes of neon.

On the other hand, cropped shorts recall the youthful fervour, which often characterises an all-round party-lover. The collection offers a view of traditional British design through a contemporary lens that creates today’s modern classics.


*An undeniable sartorial delicacy for a man’s wardrobe*


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