Neon Stripes

Matthias Geerts



Hey Guys,


A new week, a new look. I’m still kinda in the weekend vibe with my neon jacket on.
Well, in fact I didn’t go out this weekend, nor the weekend before. Actually I have been trying to be healthy, thus not drinking at all… yes, so far I have been sober all of October. Can you imagine? Just trying to keep up a healthy lifestyle is harsh. Though I need do it if I want to reach my goal for this summer.


I have realised more then ever that the need for more organic and healthy food has come. But I have to say, all those events make it even harder for me. Every weekend yet another one. And they always have the nicest food, for real! Not to mention the great cocktails they serve, which I from now on can’t touch anymore..


Let’s take a look at my outfit now.
I don’t know why but this jackets reminds me of neon lights. Probably all the different coloured lines and the black special effect it gives. When I saw this jacket on Asos, I immediately decided to get it. And I’m so glad I did!


An all black outfit, perfect if you want the jacket to be the eye catcher.
Then Green DR. Martens for an extra cool touch. For once not opting for the classic black shoes but green to make this outfit COMPLETE, Yassss


See ya!













Jacket by Reclaimed Vintage | Similar here


Tee by River Island | Similar here


Jeans c/o Filippa K | Similar here


Shoes c/o DR. MARTENS | Shop here


Shade c/o Ray-Ban | Shop here


Watch c/o Kapten and Son | Shop here




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