New brand Pellicer releases it’s debut collection – and it’s a sensual treat for the eyes

Tom Barker

Recently founded label Pellicer has given us our first insight into their world with a seven-piece collection titled “timeless”. The self-named label is headed by 24-year-old Gio Pellicer who has made full use of his Advertising and PR qualifications to produce a minimal yet striking campaign that presents the full scale of this young designers capabilities.

The clothing is subtly coloured, using beige hues throughout and combining it with some black pieces to create easily wearable essentials. What the collection lacks in colour it certainly makes up for in fit, however, wide legged pleated trousers fall perfectly on models leather black slip-on loafers with black button detailing showing an adjustable waistband.

For the top half there is a continued focus on silhouette and details as a jacket and long-sleeved polo playfully experiments with an oversized collar and a waistcoat has an arced hem on the back to make it ride higher up the models naked back. A sheer cropped vest finishes of a sensual collection of tops perfectly with models sporting nothing underneath.

Saving the best till last, there is one clear standout piece from this collection of easily wearable essentials which so far have had a manifesto of minimalism and simplicity. A full-length robe in what we can now consider to be Pellicer’s signature beige, buttons running down the left of the garment start roughly a quarter down leaving a large overhang of fabric to fold over across the chest. Bearing a resemblance to ancient men’s tunics, this is a tasteful statement that is finished with a corresponding piece of fabric tied around the neck.

Shot in front of a stark backdrop with only a rug, lamps and empty picture frames to decorate it, this look book uses full use of its models to create a homoerotic quality that can be compared with early Dolce and Gabbana advertisements. It certainly feels like a strong fresh slate for Gio to build upon for his Autumn Winter 2020 collection which will be presented in Madrid.


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