#OnArrival in Lech

Matthias Geerts

Hey all,

Matthias here, I thought it was about time to upload my photo diary from my short ski with Cîroc Vodka to Lech, Austria from a few weeks ago. First of all, this wasn’t just a regular ski trip. It might surprise you but I didn’t even hit one slope with my snowboard. The trip would be better described as a luxury escape to the mountains. However, if you ask if it was a unique experience? Hell yes. – This ski trip was yet another memorable experience which I’m super grateful for. Sometimes I just can’t believe all of the great opportunities I’ve gotten since I started blogging almost 5 years ago. Therefore, I want to express a huge thank you to all my dear readers because if it wasn’t for you guys this would have never been possible. Thank you for following my journey, for visiting my blog on a regular basis and continuously commenting and liking my photos on Instagram. That being said, let me take you with me on my trip with Cîroc Vodka.


The trip was a two-night stayover in a super deluxe resort called Kristiania Lech. Apparently, every year the Royal house of The Netherlands stays there for their winter holiday. Yet, another bucket list item I can check off my list. On arrival, KLM lost our luggage and I only got mine back at the airport when we flew back – the slogan “on arrival” from Cîroc Vodka could not have been more contradictious. Moreover, not the most practical situation when you are on a winter holiday. Let’s say my Vans had the time of their life’s, from sledding down the slopes to getting a fresh nose up in the air on the Heli flight! Luckily Dennis’ luggage arrived a bit sooner and I could borrow some items from him like a fresh pair of underwear ?.

#OnArrival in Hotel Kristiania, we were invited for a romantic dinner in the hotel restaurant, here we got to know our few invitees a bit better. The group was a mix of influencers from Germany, Austria, France and Belgium (represented by Dennis and me). The following day we were awaited in the early morning for a horse slide tour through the cute village of Lech. Afterwards we took the ski lift up, no skis or snowboard attached to our feet – another first timer for me. The sun was shining bright and the sky was heavenly blue. This only stimulated my eagerness to go snowboarding, unfortunately, the schedule was pretty tight. And luckily it did not take too long before I got distracted by the delicious lunch that was awaiting us ?. I think I’ve never had lunch in the mountains at such an extraordinary location. Fun fact, afterwards we went down sledding to burn off some calories.

In the afternoon, Cîroc Vodka had another super cool activity planned for us. A pick nick on top of the highest mountain in the area at which we were brought by a chopper. We got to see the alps from high up in the sky and at our destination cute pick nick blankets and baskets were waiting for us. Side note, we did not have a pick nick because it was FREEZING cold up there. We did a quick photoshoot and then the chopper brought us back down. See you, the blogger life is not always as real as it seems on social media. However, the cold was quickly forgotten as later that afternoon we enjoyed ourselves at the Spa of the hotel.


In the evening, we were escorted to a fine dining restaurant close to our hotel. We enjoyed a 7-course meal served with suited cocktails based on Cîroc Premium Vodka instead of wine. I never thought a fine dining menu could be paired with vodka cocktails, but they proved me wrong, the taste could not have been more suited and pure. A big thumbs up to the barman. 

And of course, this would not be a #OnArrival trip with Cîroc Vodka if we did not go clubbing? After our dinner, we were escorted to a super cool club called “Vernissage”, we had our own VIP box, and a waiter bringing drinks and big bottles of Cîroc Vodka with fireworks ?. Such an amazing night. Thank you to the whole team of Cîroc for setting this up for us.

The morning after we had one more delicious breakfast in our over-the-top fancy hotel and then it was already time to head back home. Short but unforgettable!


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