Our 5 Favourite Brunch Places in London

If you happen to stay in London during the weekend, make sure to take advantage of the modern time Sunday Roast: The London Brunch. Brunching in London has almost become as popular as the famous dish, typically served on Sundays. Anyway, we lined up some of our favourite spots to go for a nice late-breakfast-early-lunch snack!

The Ned Hotel, City of London – Ned’s Feast

The Ned Hotel serves one of the finest brunches imaginable on Sundays starting from midday. An actual feast meal is prepared by the hotel in true high-end buffet style. Each person is charged 45 pounds for an “all you can eat” system, lobster, oysters and roast included! Drinks are charged separately though. The buffet is served over several restaurants in the Ned Hotel such as Millie’s Lounge, The Nickel Bar, Malibu kitchen and so on. Each with their very distinct assortiment of dishes.

Shoreditch Grind, Shoreditch

This hot spot — roundabout turned coffee bar — is one of London’s most popular places at this moment. It was the first original “Grind” as the chain is called and serves countless sorts of coffee, cocktails and dishes. You can stop by for breakfast in the morning and have a full English breakfast or some Avocado toast. Or you can take your time on a Sunday morning, stay in bed and stop by in the afternoon for something of their all-day menu.

Milk Beach, Queens Park

Milk Beach has changed the perception of this North West London area where mostly chain restaurants run the town. The owners turned this old warehouse into a beautifully designed place right next to a picturesque cobbled street. The place serves home roasted coffee and some of the finest eggs you’ll ever eat! This place is definitely worth a visit.

Kettner’s Townhouse, Soho

Every early noon, the dining room at Kettner’s townhouse is full of the sound of clattering silverware and grandma’s old pretty plates. If you fancy butter toast, bacon or broad bean and spring onion pancakes, Kettner’s Townhouse really is a must-visit brunch spot for you. Not to forget, the Soho quarter gives this place even more charm than it already has on its own.

Bread Ahead, Mayfair

When passing through Mayfair, make sure to stop by for some tea at Bread Ahead. Londoners love this small, all white and stylish bakery-like coffee shop. The menu? It’s more of a ‘let’s keep it easy and swift but relaxing though simple’ mentality. Croissants, french toast or maybe something heavier like fried eggs with mushrooms and sourdough. It’s your pick!

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