Over the border

Matthias Geerts

Hi people,

Today I went for a small trip over the border to the Netherlands, 
more specific to Bergen op Zoom. 
It is a small city right across the border, 
only 20min driving from my parents home. 

In Belgium sales just started this weekend and that means it is overwhelmingly crowded in
the stores of Antwerp. 
If you go to the big stores (not naming any specifics ;)), 
it is so crowded you can’t even enter the stores, 
furthermore everything in piled up in mountains of clothes and if you find that one piece you 
like in that big pile they don’t have it in your size, Grrr… 
I wasn’t in the mood to face the big crowd so that is why I decided to go to Bergen op Zoom. 

Okay, you don’t have a big choice of stores over there but some are really worth visiting and you can’t find them in Belgium. 
It was nice weather and it was really quiet over there, 
just what I was striving for. 

It was sunny but chilly so pulled out my body warmer from the closet and put on a kaki 
jumper with a plaid shirt underneath. 
A casual and comfy look.

I had a lovely and quiet Sunday. 
Nice weather, empty stores and most importantly 
I found some nice pieces with big reductions in the sales.
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I’m wearing:

Jeans(c/o RumJungle) Shirt (c/o Scapa)
Sweater (H&M) – Body warmer (c/o The Sting)
Boots (Sacha) – Belt (c/o Tommy Hilfiger)

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