Pangkor Laut Resort Spa Experience

On the second day at the Pangkor Laut Resort I didn’t mind waking up with the sounds of the great hornbill bird, an indigenous species here on the Pangkor island. But because I was still feeling a bit sleepy I first had some coffee, followed by a nice bath to start this beautiful morning.

The view you get, whether from the hill or sea villa’s, is just mesmerising and makes your day even before it even got started. Our villa in the middle of this small jungle was just perfect, even at night.

We had a healthy breakfast before heading to Emerald Bay on the other side of the island. Here you not only find their main beach but also Chapman’s Bar, one of their 7 Asian inspired restaurants that are spread across the island. We enjoyed the white sandy beach and afterwards had some noodles with langoustine for lunch, delicious!

I was ready to finally experience their signature spa treatment of which I heard so much about.
Following the Chinese foot pounding I was asked to wear goshi-goshi cloth (some Japanese robe), with which you undergo the different bathing traditions of the spa. The first one is the Malay bath where you get to make a wish just before taking a dip in their impressive pool.

Afterwards you enter an area equipped with different herb vapours that refresh your lungs from the inside. Finally you get to enjoy a Japanese cleansing technique just before going into the hot Rotenburo pool (which means open air) to fully relax the body for the upcoming massage…

After this whole treatment you are ready for your massage. I came in with high expectations and guess what, they were fulfilled! I had the Campur-Campur experience which is a combination of both Malay and Thai massage techniques. I’ve had quite an amount of massages in my life and I can definitely say this one was amongst the best ones, if not the best. A unique blend of assisted yoga, passive stretching, and pressing massage movements combined with aromatherapy made the massage most enjoyable. A recommendation if you were to visit the Pangkor Laut Resort.

After a final swim in the pool of the spa we went for dinner at Fisherman’s cove down by the ocean. The wooden deck hangs out over the undulating sea, making it a romantic scenery for dinner. Candlelit tables enriched by the sounds of the sea and the light of the moon made it all the more memorable.

Finally I was fortuitous to encounter a wild Pangolin in the lobby around 2 am in the morning while I was working in the library. A most extraordinary creature that is on the verge of extinction. This highly endangered species is wanted for its keratin scales by the chinese and vietnamese because they believe it has healing powers. This one however is under the protection of the resort and thus can rest assured it won’t be bothered, but rather respected and admired. Here a glimpse of this marvelous little guy (apologies for the bad quality).

Also you find numerous flying foxes hanging in the trees during the day and hunting at night! Better close those windows, or you just might turn into a vampire 😉  

Find some more pictures of the resort down below & stay tuned for more travel posts!


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