Pay with Payconiq

Matthias Geerts


Last week we discovered Payconiq, a new way to pay everywhere without the need of your wallet. The future is near, always dreamt to pay without cards or any cash, well Payconiq is offering this and in a very convenient way. Payconiq is a new user-friendly app, which allows you to pay your friends, in stores or in restaurants by some quick clicks on your smartphone. To discover its utility we took a tour around Antwerp and paid with Payconiq.

We started off at Barchel, had a delicious lunch and afterwards I asked if could pay by Payconiq. It’s pretty simple, you get the receipt, you look for the location your at (which pops up immediately), press the amount you are due and push pay. Afterwards you just need to press your personal pin code and you’re done. Easy as that!

Furthermore it’s super convenient when you’re in good company and you need to split the bill. Everyone can just transfer the money he owes and the recipient can just sum up the money without the hustle of exchanging money. Later I went shopping at Graanmarkt 13 and bought myself a new accessory. Again I asked if I could pay by Payconiq and I could pay as easy as a few clicks on my smartphone.

You should sign up now because they have a promotion running which is pretty cool. Until March 12 for every 100 transactions they give away 100 Euro shopping budget on the app to the lucky one with the 100th transaction. This might be you, sign up now and go shopping this weekend with the app instead of your ordinary wallet!

Have fun, oh and let me know if you won or not, I might go shopping this weekend as well with the app of course.


Photography by Jens Fissers with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
In partnership with Payconiq ind. story and production all by me.


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