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Matthias Geerts

So thrilled for my first Club Med experience, Val Thorens here we come! #ClubMedVirgin #ClubMed #ValThorensSensations ✈️

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Hello Guys,

Finally I found the time to write about one of my best winter experiences so far! All of this thanks to Club Med Sensations. With a lucky few people, bloggers and journalists we got the privilege to go on a short ski in Val Thorens.

Val Thorens

I’m not a very experienced winter sporter and I hadn’t been to Val Thorens before, actually I had only gone to Austria for snowboarding. Before I left people had told me Val Thorens is huge, however when I arrived I was still mind blown by the greatness of this ski area. It’s so big you can easily get lost. Not in a bad way because in this way you will discover new slopes each day and since the hotel is located very central you won’t have a hard time finding it after a nice day up in the mountains. With 68 runs and over 600km slopes, Val Thorens is the biggest ski area in the world, and this on a height of 3200 meter making it the highest ski area in Europe. In 1969 the access road was extended up to Val Thorens so that development of the resorts could start. In 1971 the first of 3 drag lifts was installed, followed in 1972 by the opening of the first ski school.

Club Med

Also Club Med was new for me, of course I heard about them before but I had never traveled with them before. I had no idea what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by the full Club med experience I got. Club Med is known for their all-inclusive resorts, usually in exotic locations, but I had never expected to find this kind of luxury up in the mountains.

The Club Med Val thorens really stands out compared to the rest of Val thorens starting with their architecture, with sharp, clean lines, the glass atrium and the use of the contrasting materials like wood, glass, stone, steel the hotel has a unique beauty. The club has 384 very light rooms with a magnificent view. Moreover the hotel has two restaurants, one main restaurant with a very various buffet with different plates every day and one gastronomic restaurant which is included as well of course. Make sure you book your reservation! Another thing not to forget are the bars, where we had a blast of party, those animators know how to entertain their guests, you won’t get bored, trust me!

When I told people I went on holiday with Club Med they told me it must be quite expensive. But actually considering the price of Club Med and what you get in return in this hotel I really believe it is quite profitable. I must consider that everything is already included before departure, not only accommodation but also food and drinks, ski pass, equipment rental and ski lessons. No worries of anything because Club Med already has everything covered for you, isn’t that exactly what you want on a holiday?


Club Med has a wide range of choice in therms of activities, for example we did the Helicopter tour! This was a huge surprise for me and was excited as a small child. I had never been on a helicopter tour before and I really can’t describe the feeling, actually what could you wish more for then a Heli tour above highest mountains of Europe? Whaaa!
As Club Med is known for their activities, they are very well organized. If you’re not sporty or a busy type I must say Club Med might not be worth your money, because it would be a waste I you don’t use all their facilities and options to the fullest. However for all the others, there is so much to do in the Club Med Val Thorens Sensations: the helicopter tour, para glide, husky rides, para motor, mountain bike, snowmobile and of course the ski or snowboard group lessons which are included. It is great for people who like to have an active holiday.


Club Med Val Thorens Sensations also knows how to treat their guests after a long day of the skiing, apart from the apres ski you can also have an amazing welness treatment. a massage, hamman or whatever you prefer is the best way to end your day and protect your muscles of getting sour on the next day. Not to forget, the jacuzzi has an amazing view over the mountains which is perfect to recharge your batteries.

Thank you

I would like to thank the entire Club Med team, UPR and the group for this unforgettable trip in Val Thorens, I would definitely recommend it and I hope I can come back very soon!


Another great day in Val Thorens! Ready to go! #ValThorensSensations #ClubMed

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Wow!!!! About to take off with this heli! Excited as a kid! #ClubMed #ValThorensSensations

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Since you all were asking for more selfies I thought this was a nice opportunity! #ValThorensSensations #ClubMed

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A selfie a day keeps the haters away! #yolo #ValThorensSensations #ClubMed

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