Play sweater

Matthias Geerts

Waddup guys? Streetstyle looks are becoming more and more common for me, as it’s just easier to wear then those shirts you have to iron or steam everytime again before heading out again. Distressed jeans vs. dressed pants a tough one and I wouldn’t like to choose between them. I enjoy both of them too much. This is also what you’re style defines or even better your personality; I know I can handle lots of style and that’s why I started this blog, I dress up for certain occasions and depending how I’m feeling everyday.

This look, perfect to hang with friends or go shopping in the city. Can you feel it? The urban city vibes? Yes? I hope so, see below for shop links.

Have a nice day.

Photography by Dennis Van Peel with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


Sweater c/o CDG Play Sweathirt | Shop here
Jeans by Simon Miller | Shop here
Sneakers c/o Adidas Originals | Shop here
Bracelet c/o Reclaimed Vintage | Shop here
Watch c/o Henry Watches | Shop here
Shades c/o Ray Ban | Similar Styles here


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