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Hey Guys,


What’s up!? It’s a new week, school started again so we have to get back to our daily routine. This means checking my blog on the daily, much appreciated my dearest. No, end of summer also means we will get back on track with everything. For instance, I’m also trying to go to the gym on a more regular basis again and keep up with everything I have on my checklist.


September is always a pretty busy month event wise; starting this week with a calendar full of events, therefore make sure to follow me on Snapchat and Instagram Stories.


For now, I’m looking back on my holiday in Benidorm. This is the last post before you get to see the full photo diary of Benidorm, which will be a recap of other posts and some new pictures. In these pictures we had a little time off from the activities, and we could lie at the pool of a beautiful hotel. We also made some water portraits and I tried to put on my sensual face (hahaha, so awkward), hope you like them. Furthermore I’m also getting used to my new hair, what about you? Opinions in the comments please… I really appreciate that.


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Swimshorts by Bluemint


Shades c/o Ray-Ban




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