Lorenzo Sabatini

Producer, singer, author, rapper: how many times do we have to repeat that Post Malone is a polyhedral musician and one of the most interesting new faces in the industry? To all of the fans who couldn’t wait for his coming back, the silence has been interrupted. The singer has recently shared a teaser from his third album. You can listen new track titled “Circles” while enjoying it.

Post Malone has just shared a teaser from his upcoming third album, a snippet of a new track titled “Circles.”, an unreleased audio with a pop-rap vibe.


Listen here:


“My third album will be coming out in September  – the rapper has declared – And I think you guys are gonna like it very, very, very much.”

He has announced these words while performing at a Bud Light Event (also  lovely memorabilia for the fans has been produced during the performance: a beer can with Post Malone’s face printed on it).

Wake up us when September starts to enjoy Mr.Malone’s new tracks!


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