Practical Wonderland? You’re Welcome, Wrangler

Yearning for the standout seasonless staple to gratify your bittersweet trend let-downs? Simply head below: We’ve got you covered.

Chidozie Obasi

Wrangler’s latest collection is greatly placed to deliver authentic standout pieces that detach from common trend archetypes: classic chequered-pattern shirts, retro-themed tees, and dark-hued denim lie at the core of the collection. The denim icon plays with the relaxed 90s rock-alike look, blending slouchy silhouettes and poignant touches, and emphasizing modern-luxe finishes that front a pioneering generation.

On a chromatic note, the palette evolves around monochromatic hues such as black, echoing the subculture’s underground punk vibes which complement with the edginess of the night. The restrained shade is the ideal backdrop for two key colours, electric blue and flame orange, to give a bolder impact. Elsewhere influences flow from retro-vied sportswear and graphics. However, in this collection, Wrangler pivots away from the poppy 80s trend, leading towards a cooler, thrift-felt feel.

Denim is served in black and white washes. Textural juxtaposition is also imperative: Wrangler adds coated denim in both trousers and jackets, producing a slicker, rock-felt spirit to the collection, further-decked by retro corduroy elements. Standout propositions for men include checked shirts, crafted in neutral colourways. The retro hype is also featured in tees and sweatshirts, which come in moody palettes of blues, greys, and brown, bringing forward bold colour-pops – introducing a gender-neutral spirit, organically made out of cotton.

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