Quick and Simple

Matthias Geerts


Hey Guys,

Quick and Simple, Casual and Formal, this is my style in just 4 words and something I admire when I see other people looking on point in a simple but complete way.

This entire look is also something that the Eden Park represents in my opinion, no other brand that could be more perfect to join with me.
As ambassador of Eden Park I proudly present you this look.
I already told you last season about Eden Park in my post with the suede jacket, which I’m still wearing quite often nowadays because I really love it.

But today I have a completely new look for you in a total ensemble of Eden Park.
It is very classy with a long grey coat, a catchy red sweater and a simple grey chino.
The different shades of grey match nicely with the red and support the whole outfit. This is a great look for a normal autumn day.  I do want to emphasize one thing about all the items from Eden Park again; the quality of the fabrics is phenomenal, you really feel warm and comfy in them!

I love it!

So guys, I hope you like my outfit and that you will have a look at the collection of Eden Park!

Thanks for reading.










Coat (c/o Eden Park) – Pull (c/o Eden Park)
Trousers (c/o Eden Park) – Shoes (c/o Sacha Shoes)


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