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Hi Guys,

Get your engines started because today is a special day for me. I can finally announce I am the digital brand ambassador of one of Belgium’s finest watch brands Raidillon. Being the ambassador of a luxurious brand like this is a new experience for me and I feel blessed to take part.

Since this is my first blog post for Raidillon I want to tell you a little more about them. Raidillon is inspired by a big passion for motor racing. First of all, the name Raidillon refers to a dangerous bend on a mythical Formula 1 racing circuit in Belgium. The second main symbol is the number 55 referring to the maximum number of vehicles permitted to take part in certain races in the past. You see, there is a whole theme behind this brand. However it doesn’t stop here, Raidillon takes it to the next level. Not only will you see the number 55 reappearing in many of their watchcases, also all watches are part of a limited series of 55 pieces. This makes you feel like you are part of a unique movement.

As a Belgian citizen I am proud of this Belgian watch brand, because although the beating heart is made of Swiss mechanical movements, all watches are completely designed in Belgium.

The first model I’m showing here caught my eye from the very first moment I saw it. Super classy, isn’t it? I love the brown leather strap with the 3 holes on both sides, and what did you expect, it is inspired by the leather gloves that race pilots wore several years ago and it is also the trademark of this brand.
You will see Raidillon reappearing in many stories to come. Hopefully you will enjoy my journey along to way.

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