Red and blue, made to match

Matthias Geerts

Hi Guys!
End of this week I’m leaving to Italy.
More specific to Tuscany and Milan!
Follow me on Instagram to check out my trip in Italy online.
I will keep you up to date by posting pictures of my adventures over there!
Instagram: @geertsmatthias
Also, my Video for Attire Club is ready. I got selected to share my opinion on fashion together with other fashion bloggers to get a range of different styles and fashion visions from all different kind of bloggers. Definitely worth to check that out.
Only I’m not sure yet if I will post it here.
I’ll keep it a surprise
Anyway for now I have a new outfit for you! I used my favorite boatshoes, Docksides Sebago. which of course perfectly match with my outfit. Bordeaux and navy blue. It’s simple but red and blue are a perfect match.

I’m wearing:

Polo (Tommy Hilfiger) – Pants (H&M)
Shoes (Sebago, docksides) – Belt (Zara)


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