Go Swimming With Turtles In Redang


A tropical island on the eastern side of Malaysia and a place worth your while! Decided to travel here along with my parents as they wanted to pay me a visit while I was doing my internship here in Asia. Therefore, I needed them to experience something more beautiful then they had ever seen before…

After some airtime we had to take the boat to the island, HORRIBLE!! I had to watch a girl puke right next to me and that was enough of a motive to escape to the back of the boat in need of some fresh air. It took us 1.5 hours to arrive at the bay, where we were warmly welcomed by the staff of Laguna Redang Resort. After dropping my luggage I was in desperate need of a swim, and so we ventured into the warm and lively waters of Redang.

Getting out of bed is always a hassle, especially when your on a holiday, waking up in those freshly washed sheets, Love it! When I finally got out I started the day with a colourful breakfast combined with a view that makes you feel like you’re in the Bahamas. Don’t you agree?

We decided to book a snorkelling boat trip at the Laguna Redang Resort. We asked if it was possible to get a private boat and by paying a little extra we managed to get our own guide that could bring us to the best snorkelling spots around the island. The good thing is that you don’t need to cope with the overload of people bringing down the experience and getting in the way of your pictures. And Look what we encountered…. Giant turtles that swim right next to you and make your vacation one never to forget! Meet Bob the turtle.

At night you have numerous bars and restaurants along the coast where you can have delicious and fresh seafood. After dinner I always like to have a walk by the beach, lay down in the sand and look at the stars of our universe up above, letting the mind drift away…
On Saturday we ended up in the water again for a dive. I love diving, though I’ve never found the time to get the certificate as it is a 3 day training program. Nevertheless, we got to see some blue spotted rays, nemo fish, a moray,
beautiful coral, and for the first time in my life a black tip shark(y)… so cooool!

The final day I just wanted to relax on the beach after our short but cool walk through the jungle. And a vanilla magnum to make the holiday perfect was something I just couldn’t resist!

Find some more Impressions of Laguna Redang Resort and its beautiful environment down below!



Denzel Van Tilburg

Lifestyle and travel editor

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