Renovations? Just do it.

Dennis Van Peel

If you’re in your twenties and looking around to buy your own apartment or (small) house, but you are still doubting to buy a newly-built place or an old one that needs some freshening up.. I would definitely say: take the second option! Because well, again, you’re in your twenties. You can probably handle some construction work, you have plenty of energy and hopefully many friends that would love to help you out! Renovating won’t be the most exciting and exhilarating part of your life, but it will definitely be one of the most satisfying ones. And if all these reasons did not convince you, this one should: buying a house that needs some renovations will make you gain profit much faster in comparison with a (probably-overpriced) new apartment.


I bought a place which actually needed a complete make-over. I basically used Miley Cyrus’ wrecking ball and tore down the complete kitchen (including the floor and a wall). My apartment also needed new electricity and water links and it took several days to take down all the wallpaper (why do people still buy this miserable stuff?!) and to paint the whole place three times. The bedrooms had a vinyl, plastic flooring which, no discussion, needed to go and now they have similar wooden floors and colors like in the living room. Believe me, it was a lot to take on but I didn’t do it alone. Luckily a bunch of friends helped me!

I wanted the apartment to keep its cozy, original feeling, but update it with a contemporary, modern touch. For this reason, I picked out a sleek, black kitchen and combined it with vintage looking tiles. The original floor in the living room was left in place, just like the fire place.

Since I already had a couple pieces of furniture, it was also an interesting challenge to match the new items with the old ones. Although the place is quite big and bright, I tried to give the living room a warm feeling by putting two different but matching sofas and by adding a golden coffee table and an old-looking rug by the Belgian brand Louis de Poortere. The coffee table is from La Redoute, like many other items in my interior. I definitely recommend this web shop: their delivery is exceptionally fast and they do a lot of sales!

Also, if you’re looking for thé best-scented candles to fit your design items, take a look on Boabab’s website – I recommend the ‘Feathers’ one.

Honestly, you don’t know how much stress you can take until you start renovating. A lot will probably go wrong, tear you down & give you mental breakdowns (yes, including crying and feeling miserable… lovely!). But surround yourself with a lot of positive-minded and energized people and you will be just fine. And, if you think you’re reaching your breaking point, I hope these last words might help: I cried many times during these months, but now having and living in my own place, exactly how I imagined it, I would definitely do it all over again. Believe me, it’s worth the ride.


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