Rihanna Releases New Fenty Drop Featuring Gleamingly-Styled Merchandise

Chidozie Obasi

The revered ‘Good Girl Gone Bad,’ surprised fans with a ‘No More Music’ tee last month – yet again, Rihanna has tapped us with a new selection of awesomely-styled merchandise. This week, Fenty is set on launching part two from its original 6-19 range.

If you’re travel-frantic seeking to appear fierce, perhaps this might be your ultimate go-to: Fenty 6-19 is designed for those who stop not, featuring lightweight textures and pulsating hues, decked by a galore of succulent surface patterns. The range is emphasised by statement dresses, referencing the ‘Riri experience,’ from Barbados. The product launch also encompasses laser cut sunglasses and statement jewelry, adding a vigorous glam by the electric T-heels.



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