Roman-Hailed Accademia Costume & Moda Serves Up New Milan-Based Campus

A new gateway of learning taps the Italian fashion capital, backed by a fresh identity aimed at breeding creativity in future pioneers.

Chidozie Obasi

Renowned Roman institution Accademia Costume e Moda ventures in Milan, with an official opening date set for June 2020. The new campus, set to launch in via Pagazzaro 23, dedicates itself to Communication and Design Management for Fashion and Entertainment, kicking off from 2020.

Founded in Rome in 1964 by Rosana Pistolese, the academy ratifies a didactic-allied approach that focuses on costume likewise fashion design, enhanced by cultural and research awareness with an aim of accentuating the creative identity of each individual student. With a cross-global spectrum, Milan has turned to be the most pioneering choice of location, able to deliver a context for modern learning that enacts as amplifying factor for youth, which has brough the employment rate of the Academy’s students to over 87% for Bachelor’s degrees and 93% for Masters, both in Italy and worldwide.

The new campus will offer courses dedicated to a holistic professional training and operating system in the world of communication and management for Sistema Moda, encompassing two three-year undergraduate courses, one in Fashion Design Management and the other in Editorial and Communication, as well as master’s programs.

The new space derives from a conversion from eco-sustainable materials, reflecting the original architecture of the building. The site includes display areas, internal spaces and an abundance of photovoltaic panels to encapsulate natural sunlight.


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