Rome Spotlights Rising Industry Trailblazers Pushing Italian Fashion Forward

Here’s everything you need to know, see, and feel about the event that hoists radical talent eager in rocketing Italian savoir-faire more than ever.

Chidozie Obasi

Venturing in the Italian capital for another season is ALTAROMA: The leading-edge, electrifying talent showcase taking place from 23 to 26 January. Located at Ex Caserma Guido Reni, the event will be hosted through the support of national and international alliances, encompassing the likes of Commerce of Rome, Lazio Region, Resources for Rome and Metropolitan City of Rome. Moreover, via the endorsement of Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and further trade companies, the aim of Altaroma is to focus on broadening the scope of emerging talent, vulcanising the value of Made in Italy through a consolidate approach. The legacy of the city and the consistency in forward-thinking processes has led Altaroma in declaring itself onto a go-to institution dedicated to emerging talent: Defining as a leap of growth, development and furtherance dedicated to promoting talent in the name of fashion.

This season, the showcase will feature the ‘Showcase Roma’, reaching its fifth edition, and becoming an imperative point for the event. A total of 26 designers, 14 brands will showcase each day in rotation, owning the opportunity to present their Fall/Winter 2020-2021 collection in an exhibition of clothes, accessories and a wide assortment of products, crafted from a meld of design experimentation and Italian artisanal tradition. Through ‘Showcase’, Altaroma will implement a scouting process, helping brands to place them self on a commercial shelf. The scouting project is consolidated by Vogue Italia, which ideal is to settle an experimental design approach, keeping a strong connection with innovation and tradition. 150 designers have adhered to the project, thus far, ambassadors of a new wave of luxury. A large part of them have had a successful path, gaining international recognition. The lust-list charts names counting the likes of Marco De Vincenzo, Stella Jean, MSGM di Massimo Giorgetti, Arthur Abresser, Nicola Brognano, Benedetta Bruzziches, Giuseppe Di Morabito, Max Kibardin, and Nicholas Kirkwood among many.

Covetable events comprise theatrical shows such as: Lettere a Yves, based on the show: Lettere a Yves, based on the book by Pierre Bergè, directed by Roberto Piana, from 23 to 27 January at Teatro Torlonia in Rome.


Further information, news and updates will be available directly from the website,

Image Credits/Courtesy of Altaroma


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