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Outdoor is where I thrive; it’s where I choose to live my life. This is my story. I am Roolf”. It’s with this quote that Roolf caught our attention. It delivers a lot of the character and feeling that aligns with the feeling I want to have when I think about summertime.

But there’s more. It’s strong, it’s soft, it’s loose, it’s firm and it’s made in Belgium. This is why we decided to try out Roolf and after we saw their bohemian design we found a perfect match for the little terrace of our city apartment.  After puzzling with the measurements, we ordered a complete lounge set that was delivered as easy as their design looks.

Usually during summertime, we spend a lot of time outdoors chilling in a park or sipping iced tea at an outdoor. Now, the comfort and coziness of our new terrace has made staying in at home pure joy. Furthermore, our friends love it too, so now they have found and extra reason to pay a visit and stay with us to chill. I cannot wait to organise our first little BBQ out here, but unfortunately, we haven’t been very lucky with the weather in Belgium yet.

Roolf designs and manufactures high quality, budget friendly, eye-catching outdoor rugs and furniture meant for chilling. Want to know more about what they offer? Make sure to visit their website. And for now, let’s pray for a long Indian summer as in 2018.

Lounge set c/o Roolf Living | Shop here


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