Round up 2014

Matthias Geerts

Dear readers,

2014 is almost over. Currently I’m already preparing some projects for next year. 
In 2015 I will try to evolve my blog. 
I’m ready to work hard and invest time. 
Blogging has become and part of my life and I can’t imagine a life without it anymore. 
I will try to improve the all-round quality of my blog. 
Blogging isn’t just posting some pictures of my daily outfits. 
It’s writing clever thoughts, being up to date with the latest trends, 
posting high quality pictures, trying to reach as much people as possible, 
searching for collaborations but above all, 
keeping it personal in my own MattGstyle.  

Before living towards the future I would love to share with you my favorite outfits of 2014. 
The outfits in this summary really capture what MattGstyle is all about and they also show
some of the specials locations I went to for making my pictures. 
I love to chase the sunset for that perfect picture at a unique location. 
It was though for me to chose my 6 favorite outfits and I hope you enjoyed all my other looks 
just as much as these ones. 
Fashion changes in time but style is timeless. 

There are also some people I would like to thank for giving me a lot of great opportunities this year. 
First of all the press agencies for inviting me to some awesome events and fixing me some amazing collaborations. 
Next up my dearest friends and family, 
thanks for believing in me and giving me the motivation to move on. 
And last but not least my awesome followers. 
Thank you so much for commenting, sharing and liking my blog. 
I wouldn’t have had these great opportunities without you all. 

Now let’s wrap up 2014. 
You were great and I’m sure 2015 will bring even more adventures. 
So now, let’s smash the house and have a freaking party!!!
Thank you all and sincere best wishes for 2015!

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