Sailing Along The Greek Aegean Islands.

With it being more than 12 years ago, It felt good to set foot on Greek soil once more. Or perhaps I should say set foot on the boat that would take us along the Greek coastline.. Together with TUI Fly and SailAegean I had the pleasure of exploring more than just the mainland of Greece starting in the city of Volos where our journey began and where we were warmly welcomed by the the members of the SailAegean family business.

We grasped the opportunity to explore the area a bit and found this cosy village just up in the mountains called Makrinitsa where you have a beautiful view over the city of Volos! I took out the drone to make some nice shots. Easy to reach by car so make sure you check out the view from this spot.

After an exhausting flight we had lunch in Kritsa Restaurant up in Volos where you get to  taste the local Greek food such as Stifado, Baklava, Tzatziki, and so on. They use only local products and spices from their own farms. The taste was amazing, a big recommendation I can tell you! That night we watched the sunset from our boat and went to bed early ready for the next day.

As we set sail for Old Trikeri we had a couple of swims in the Greek ocean before anchoring in this picturesque haven. At Isalos restaurant, just by the water, we enjoyed all different kinds of fresh fish and shellfish prepared in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. Even the octopus, which I normally don’t like, was delicious! If you’re into seafood this is a must do when visiting the Gulf of Volos.

The next day we headed for Skíathos and as we were only there for one night I decided to make the most out of it. Hire a buggy (best feeling ever!!) and find the most beautiful spot on the island to watch the sunset was my goal. And what a view we found just as far west as the buggy could carry us through the sandy roads all the way to Kriffi Ammos beach. Take a look.

After this beautiful evening we ended up in a place called Ergon for dinner back in the main town. Also here we asked for several typically local dishes that made us lick our fingers. And oh, the Mojitos here were pretty darn good as well if you ask me.

The next morning we enjoyed the most kind service for breakfast one could wish for at Meltemi. The couple that runs the restaurant does this with such energy and positivity that your day just can’t go wrong anymore. With our stomachs filled we jumped on the boat to explore the waters of Greece a bit to eventually end up in the port of Skopelos. 

As sunset had already passed while on the boat we took a walk along the port where you have several nice restaurants as well as souvenir shops for you to choose from, take your pick, they all seemed pretty good to me!

The next island was Alonnisos where we took a 15€ cab to give us a round tour to the old village. Once there you are free to explore this pleasant town full of cute little streets, restaurants, bars and Bed&Breakfasts.  If you manage to make it all the way up the old village you are rewarded with the most amazing view where you can have a fresh beer (like we had) or whatever pleases you most to enjoy the sight. We met down at the port with our skipper for dinner at a place called Archipelagos but if you can eat on top of the mountain I think it’s even better!

For our last day on the boat we went to the Monastery of Kira-Panagia where we were warmly welcomed by the monks. Sadly we came to early but if you go in the season they would offer you wine they produce locally. Oh and yea, the view they have here…. well, I’ll let you decide.

On the other side of the island you find a beautiful lagoon called Planitis Bay. Make sure your engine is strong enough because because of the small entrance there is allot of wind and current coming from the ocean side. But if you do dare to go in, you get an entire lagoon for you to swim in all by yourself! #JOY

Back in Volos we took the train to Meteora, but as we waisted 3 hours going there I assume it’s better for you to just rent a car. Nevertheless, I highly recommend hiring bikes to explore the area and go from monastery to monastery. This is a unique experience and good for your legs, though I’ll admit, I took the electric bike of @meteoraebike… Soooo nice. You get to enjoy the ride without getting exhausted from the steep roads. We first went to the Monastery of Great Meteoron (which closes first) after which we went down to all the others one by one whilst taking in the mesmerising scenery.  I almost felt like I was in a scene of Game Of Thrones, AWESOME!


After our encounter with this UNESCO World Heritage site we headed back to Volos to catch our flight the next morning. We drank our last Tsipouro’s together with Christina from SailAegean and looked back on a most satisfying trip.

Here some more shots of the the whole experience.

In partnership with: @Sailaegean @TUIFly


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