Sails and Knits

Matthias Geerts

Hi guys,

It’s another grey day in Belgium. 
It was raining a lot yesterday, 
but today it’s finally dry so I was happy to go out and shoot a new outfit for you. 
I live near the small yacht club of Antwerp, ’t Eilandje. 
There aren’t really a lot of big yachts over there but for Belgium standards 
it’s as close as it gets to a marina yacht club. 
Moreover, it is a nice area with lots of restaurants and bistro’s, 
definitely worth visiting if you’re in Antwerp. 

Fortunately this setting was perfect to show you this new outfit. 
The knitted scarf and sweater have big knots similar to the knotted ropes of the sail ships. 
Big knots are very trendy this winter so you definitely have to add some pieces to your wardrobe. 
By the way, this scarf is really fantastic, 
it is so thick and heavy that it keeps you warm without the need for a coat. 
I combined the look with a light jeans and Nikes to give it some more street style. 
The look is pretty casual, perfect for a regular weekday. 

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I’m wearing:

Sweater(America Today) Scard (America Today)
Jeans (Diesel) – Shoes (Nike)
bracelet (c/o Braca Bracelets) – Belt (Asos)


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