Scarf Weather

Matthias Geerts

Hey Guys,

I’m Back with black, weather is getting colder time to wear darker colors again..
I’m not saying you only have to wear black but a nice black look is always cool, moreover this winter you will see a lot of Black on the streets! 😉

I prefer to combine black most of the times with another color, today I chose brown because it’s fall of course! That’s why I think it’s the perfect 
dark fall look! 😀

I was looking for quite a while for a new black jeans and I finally found the perfect one.
I mean really the denims of Boga they fit perfect! 
Boga is a starting luxury menswear brand with head to toe looks 
for a man who’s looking for high quality clothes.
For a man who has taste and style.

Chelsea boots are the best to wear during fall, 
I’m personally a real fan of Chelseas, they’re elegant and comfortable at the same time. Furthermore, it takes 2 seconds to put your shoes on, isn’t that great!!?

Mine are from Sacha, high quality and affordable this pair is only €99,95

If you like, leave a comment below 😉
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I’m wearing:

Blazer (Zara) Trouser (c/o Boga) – Belt (H&M)
Tee (Zara) – scarf (Zara)Shoes (c/o Sacha)
Bracelet (c/o Braca Bracelet, Gemini, H&M)

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