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Hey Guys,


I’m back from all my travels for quite a while now as you’ve probably noticed on my social media channels, but of course I have thousands of pictures left for you. However, unfortunately not from my last trip to Italy. While searching for my pictures from the wedding weekend in Italy, I realized I might have deleted them for some stupid reason, don’t ask me why or even when!? Really I tried everything to rescue them but they are all gone forever. The only two pictures I have left from this outfit post while we were exploring Senigallia, are these two, oh and my Instagram picture of the Gelato, not to forget.


There is nothing more horrible for a blogger than coming home from a trip and discovering your pictures are ALL gone, well shit happens. Luckily I have two more left to show you what I was wearing.


I was wearing the perfect city stroll outfit; comfortable shorts, a blue shirt and a pull over for when it gets chill in the evening. I imagine such an evening when you’re eating pasta outside on a rooftop terrace (perfect scenario), or when you’re in a fancy restaurant with the A/C literally freezing you out (less perfect scenario). Okay, I paired it all up with suede espadrilles, perfect for a calm walk in a city like Senigallia. 



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When in Italy! #Must #Gelato ❤️

Een foto die is geplaatst door Matthias Geerts (@matthiasgeerts) op





Pull c/o Terre Bleue – Shirt c/o Terre Blue
Shorts c/o Terre Bleue – Espadrilles c/o Manebi Shades c/o Ray-Ban
Watch c/o Calvin Klein




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