Simply Clever

Matthias Geerts

Whatsup Guys,

Today I’m bringing a Simple, clever look like the title says 😉
Can’t get enough of timeless pieces which you can combine
in every outfit in a different way. 

My grey trousers, a huge fan of them.. I wore them in a lot of different outfits
and they’re so easy to match. 
In this outfit I all bring it together with different shades of blue and black! 😀

Sales period has started! 
My personal tip for this period, go and search for loads of
timeless pieces which you can combine in every look, every season or at least
2 seasons of the year again. Don’t chose special prints or motifs because
everyone will recognize it was last season.. haha
This tip was for the hardcore fashion lovers 😀

So for example go for a pair of simple trousers, a cool one colored jackets and scarfs…
or nice accents like timeless shoes, sunglasses the thing is don’t buy trends in the sales. 🙂

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Written by
I’m wearing:

Trousers(Asos) Shirt (Zara)
Sweater (c/o RumJungle) – Coat (Asos)
Scarf (Zara) – Belt (Tommy Hilfiger)
Shoes – (c/o Sacha) – Case (c/o Casetify)


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