Skincare when traveling

Matthias Geerts


When traveling, your grooming rituals may be harder to maintain. Or how do I say it properly, you’re not able to carry around all your products, definitely if you have a lot of products you like using on a regular basis. Many guys probably use only few products, so for them it’s easier when traveling frequently.

And actually I’m also a person that doesn’t use a lot on the daily. I will definitely explain you this later again. For now I just want to show you guys what I’m using when I’m traveling around. I keep it simple, very simple.

When I’ve been strolling around the city all day, before I take a shower I use the Advanced Precleanser I apply it on my face and spread it all over my face. In the shower I wash it off and clean my face with water or shower gel by RainPharma as well. Not too much. Then right before I go to bed I apply the Faithful Face Guard perfect as an all round skincare lotion to take with when you’re traveling. It’s a four-in-one formula; serum, eye cream, and day and night moisturizer in a single product. The perfect travel partner, no need to bring more tubes or cremes. Just only one.

When it comes to fragrances, currently I’m using Santal 33 of Le Labo Fragrances.
I’ve been asked about it a lot, everywhere I come people ask me which perfume I’m wearing; it’s a little bit pricy but the scent is so great, and it holds for so long, literally the whole day, for real.


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