Skybar Antwerp

Matthias Geerts



Hey Guys,


Hunting for hotsposts in my own city, one of my favorite things to do! Yesterday we had a public holiday in Belgium and as I was recovering from the heavy weekend in Zeebrugge (WeCanDance) we decided to visit the Skybar in Antwerp. I had already heard of this place but due to the busy summer we still hadn’t found the time to check it out.


Right now I regret we didn’t visit the Skybar sooner, it’s a very trendy place in the heart of the city where you can experience complete tranquility. The modern design suits the bar very well and the lounge music in the background makes the experience complete. Their menu is very versatile and everyone can find a cocktail of beverage they’ll like. Personally I love sour cocktails with a bit of spice; therefore I ordered a Kettle one vodka cocktail with lime and fresh ginger. The taste was just great but the serving was even more special. The cocktail was presented in a plastic bag, cool right?


Unfortunately the Skybar is a pop-up bar so I would recommend hurrying up and visiting it now you still can. The bar is open until the 31th of August. Hurry up, it’s worth it.


Beside the delicious cocktails, snacks and friendly bartenders I did not mention the view yet. As the name explains itself, this bar is at the 12th floor of the Linder hotel near the Central station and Diamond center. Up on the 12th floor you can discover this unique place in theme of the jungle. We had a table outside with a magnificent view over the city.












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