Slick-Up Your Autumnal Style Through Filippa K’s Easy-Breezy Options

Chidozie Obasi

October 2019 marks the launch of “Easy as That”, Filippa K’s latest campaign fronting a plethora of fuss-free, buoyant propositions. The release characterises a third instalment of a series of campaigns, focused on the brand’s simple signature and mindfulness, present in ten essential pieces of must-have staples. Previous campaigns, entitled “Not That Complicated” and “Simply Slip Into”, highlighted ways in which one can simplify day-dressing through neatly-structured propositions. As practicality, according to the brand’s ethos, is all that matters. Hence “Easy as That” brings the relaxed mindset to the brand’s current Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, mixing-and-matching your style opting it minimal.


The message of then pieces challenges consumers to reflect on pieces they really need. As opposed to fostering profusion in clothing, Filippa K’s encouraging to curate the aspect of resilience, product suitability, and sustainability.

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Image Credits/Angelina Bergenwall

Style Credits/Columbine Smille

Art Direction/Elin Hagstrom


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