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Matthias Geerts


Hi Guys,

How are you doing today? This week I’m having a hard time to get back on track and to pick up the pieces for work again. It is a mood that kicks in every year after each edition of Tomorrowland, we call it “Sadness after Madness”, you are out of the energetic vibe, you miss the great moments and you realize you have to wait for an entire year for the madness to kick off again!  

However I shouldn’t be complaining too much because when I got home after the festival I had a lot of great post packages waiting for me! One of my favorite gifts is my new leather biker jacket by Tommy Hilfiger.

It’s a new piece from their Fall 2015 collection called People’s Place originals referring to the initial start of the brand in the seventies. Back then Tommy Hilfiger opened his first clothing store, People’s Place, in his hometown of Elmira, New York. It quickly became the coolest hangout in town, known for its fashion styles inspired by the era’s iconic rock stars.

People’s Place Originals celebrates the legacy of Tommy’s earliest design inspirations and reinterprets vintage rock-and-roll style with a modern twist and fused together with Hilfiger Denim’s signature “prep with and edge” aesthetic.

If you feel like Rocking this years fall season, head over to Tommy Hilfiger and find everything you need in the blink of an eye.

Cheers my friends!

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I’m wearing:
Jacket (c/o Tommy Hilfiger) – Jeans (Hollister Co.) – Shirt (Massimo Dutti)
Pull (Zara) – Shoes (c/o Converse)


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