Snow in NYC

Matthias Geerts


Snowing in New York, that’s right. Few days ago we experienced some crazy weather changes. While we were bracing ourselves for the cold during the Men’s week in NYC it suddenly started snowing as if it wasn’t cold enough already. Luckily I had my new shearling jacket with me, perfect circumstances to try it out for the first time. Haven’t told you the story about this crazy shearling yet.

Last winter I was in the Essentiel store in Antwerp and I fell in LOVE with this shearling haha, unfortunately I was still a student back then and couldn’t afford myself such an expensive jacket. It was about 1400 EUR, and in sale it was still more than 800 EUR I think. I was doubting so much to buy or not to buy, In the end I didn’t. I mean 800 EUR is still a lot of money and I can remember I was doubting about it for two weeks, like damn should I buy it, I was looking for a grey shearling so long, like for real. I had been browsing the web for the perfect grey shearling and finally there he was.. and I didn’t buy it, so could you feel my pain? HA.

But as you see, I am wearing it right now. How did that happen? Well, two weeks ago I went with Denzel to the Villa Maasmechelen to go shopping for him, I said to myself before.
I. Was. NoT. Going. To. Buy. Anything.
“I have enough”, “I don’t need clothes anymore” – Said no fashion blogger ever. And there I went and strolled into the Outlet store of Essentiel. Immediately when I walked in I could see it, The perfect grey shearling. It was as if God had blessed me with a second chance. I mean he was just being pretty hanging between other cool coats and jackets. And the best part of it all, as this was an outlet store.. It was only 400 EUR – well don’t get me wrong 400 is still a lot – but for a lamb leather/wool jacket this was a crazy deal. Again I found myself doubting in the store for another half hour. As I said I wasn’t going to buy anything, I already had enough jackets for this winter season. But at the end I thought, don’t be silly, buy it or you will regret it again.

My account didn’t allow me actually, but well, I know what I’m working for right now. I found my perfect grey shearling and I know I’m going to wear it a lot for several F/W seasons. Glad I can show it to you guys for the first time in NYC.

This was my Shearling jacket story; I went out with Jens and Talun for lunch in West Village to catch up and shoot this together. It was great seeing each other again, and hopefully I’ll see you very soon again.

Thanks for reading guys.


Photography by Jens Fissers with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


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Shearling Jacket by Essentiel | Similar here

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