Songkran in Bangkok 2017

Denzel Van Tilburg

On a Friday night straight after work I headed towards the airport with big expectations for the notorious city of Bangkok. I had heard so many stories about it and now I finally had the chance to see it with my own eyes, and this during their holy Songkran festival. YESSS!

As I arrived a little over midnight, because of a delay with my flight, I decided to buy myself some drinks to get in the mood before joining my friends. After checking in I jumped into a Grab car straight to club Levels.
Btw: These Grab cars are the easiest, cheapest and safest way to travel around here in asia so try to download the app as soon as you get your local SIM card!
Levels club is said to be one of the best clubs in town and by the time I joined my friends, they were already killing it on the middle of the dance floor. Boy did we had a sick night… You should definitely check this one out if you have the chance!

After dancing the night away we headed back to Amari Residences around 5:30 AM and decided to wait for breakfast to fill our tummies with some power-food. The roasted chicken with rice and vegetables had soooo much flavour I had no choice but to take 2 plates! And then to top it all off I had myself a healthy yogurt and some lovely biscuits.

The following day we wanted to experience the Songkran and headed for Khao San Road, which is the main and most famous road in Bangkok and where everything was going down. We bought a gun to match the competition but I soon realised the item only gave them all the more reason to shoot you in the face. Though I think they regretted it not a moment later when I unleashed my wrath and cleansed their souls from their sins of last year, because that is what the Songkran is all about after all… And of course to have a good time!

After having something to eat at Superflow Beach Club we decided to do a boat tour at Pandan Bangkok Canal Boat Tour, as this place is less touristy and locals told us prices are lower there. We got to see the Venice like canals with the old houses hanging over the water. Also they stop a few times at some of their temples where you can see the locals and buddhists praying, or just reading the newspaper and living their daily routine. The Canal Boat Tour is a must do when you’re in Bangkok!

When our boat trip came to an end we headed for Khaosan road again to Superflow Beach Club where we ordered some beers, filled up our gun and got the party started. The spacious bar provides good music, clean water to shoot and play with and just a fun atmosphere. It’s the place to be during Songkran and we had the best water fights ever!

When the festival finished we headed home with a Tuk Tuk. Be prepared to get wet because everywhere there are people lurking behind the corners, waiting for the perfect moment to attack. A unique experience, but as a result we arrived totally soaked at Amari Residence where we were happy to take a hot shower and dive into the heavenly soft beds! Water here is provided in glass bottles not only because it tastes better, but to create less waste.
The reason being that Amari Residence is very environmental minded. They also kindly ask if room cleaning can be done every 2 or 3 days, hence bringing down their ecological footprint.
All this small stuff may look like nothing but in the long run it’s impact can be significant.
For the rest Amari is located next to Bangkok hospital, one of the best and biggest hospitals in all of Thailand and as a result Amari received allot of their patients and they still do. But Amari is also the perfect place if you want some rest from the busy life in the city centre, which is only 15min away with a taxi, grab, or the famous Tuk Tuk. And their pool on the rooftop is the ideal place for relaxation without having the noise of the city.

Another thing we did was to hire our own driver for a whole day to show us the best places in town. We first went to the floating market where you can buy all kinds of fruits, cookies and the most delicious local dishes. A unique experience and definitely worth your while. Go there in the morning or before 2 as everything is closing after that time.

Afterwards, we went to the Wat Arun temple. Sadly this one was under restoration, but impressive nonetheless. A holy place for the Thai people and something that makes you feel a bit small…

Finally we headed for the temple of The Lying Buddha where the Songkran ritual was going on and the people poured water over the hands of the monks. A beautiful thing to see. Inside the temple you have massive golden buddha lying down and watching you from above.

Monks Songkran

To end our trip we enjoyed a nice cocktail and watched the sunset on the side of the Chao Phraya river, looking back on our short but memorable Songkran experience.

Thanks boys @ Jeff, Tijs and Oli for coming all the way to Asia and sharing this unique experience together! Soon the blogpost about Krabi with these guys is coming online as well so stay tuned.



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