Soul Seeker Roots For Utilitarian Neutrality In Its Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection, Embodying Modern-Day Social Principles

Sharp utility has been at the vanguard of 2019’s core trends. Yet, this brand hints towards a genteel yet swanky intake of ready-to-wear ensembles.

Chidozie Obasi

If you’ve been an abiding fan of practical apparel, searching for a dapper finish to a look that’d suite a formal occasion, perhaps this collection might be all you’ve ever needed to quench your wardrobe covetousness. Derived from an idea of existentialism, Soul Seeker’s A/W19 collection embodies the values translated into youth, leadership and distortion, creating bold and empowering ensembles. A post-modernist message is portrayed by the label’s youthful vision, concretised in the form of statement prints. The motifs, functions as a form of linking points between the brand and its fellow devotees, as noticed in the previous collection.



On a further note, social issues are epitomised within the collection, such as social media and its wider inferences. As seen in a recent press release, the label exemplifies some of the aspects constituting modern-day matters, stating: “Phones have made us so connected with the rest of the world that it allows us to become disconnected from actual reality. Topics such as social media and depression are raised to outline the effects it is having on the youth of today.” Through textures and boldness, Soul Seeker’s collection hopes to connect with an audience relating to issues of a similar kind.

Staple pieces encompass a range of denim, bomber jackets, tees, supplying an alternative twist onto the conventional styles. Denim joggers have also been featured within the collection, produced with lightweight and relaxed fabrics. Not to neglect elements of technical utility, as traceable from the cargo jackets and trousers, providing a matchless yet novel look to the garments.


Driven by a “green” heart, the brand prides itself on their British heritage, as everything is currently being crafted in London through sustainable labour methods of production, increased over the years by an ethical stance which has been translated onto every piece of apparel.


More information on the brand can be found here:


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