Spring Icons

Matthias Geerts


Hey Guys,

Who is a fan of The Weeknd? Stupid question I suppose, his music is hitting the top of the charts almost continuously this last couple of years. Not only the people love his music but also big artists are all waiting in line to collaborate with him. And the best is yet to come because guess who’s going to see this guy next Friday? Yes, that’s me!

My all time favourite H&M challenged me again, but this time to wear their latest Spring Icons collection in collaboration with The Weeknd. My entire outfit, both the black hoodie and the light washed denim are items picked out by the Canadian singer.
You might not see me frequently in this style – or let’s say Hoodie’s is general – or at least not it is not what I’ve been promoting or wearing in the past. However, lately I’m really into Hoodies and to be completely honest, this is kind of since the latest collection by Palm Angels. Furthermore I’d go for the ones in a crazy colour like bright yellow or orange (Have a look at what I was wearing on their latest runway in Milan). I mean, it’s just super cool!

Buttttt black is a classic and everyone gets away with black I believe. That’s why I opted for this black hoodie, and the best part of it are the details, which make it so “The Weeknd”. Look at the sleeves; with the right sunlight it looks so dope. I combined it with light washed denim to create that Spring-vibe already. Did I get you in the mood for this collection? Well, it will be available in stores worldwide starting March 2nd. And don’t forget to follow me this Friday on my socials to see with whom I’m going to The Weeknd.








Photography by Jens Fissers with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


Sweater c/o H&M | Shop here
Jeans c/o H&M | Shop here
Shoes c/o Farah | Similar here
Watch c/o Daniel Wellington | Shop here


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