Spring trends for men’s shoes

Matthias Geerts

Spring is finally here! It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for it to get warmer, but now that it’s finally heating up, it’s time to break out the spring styles we’ve been eyeing for a while. When it comes to men’s fashion, your footwear says a lot about you and your style. A guy’s shoes are like a reflection of his personality. So now that it’s springtime, it’s important that we take a look at some of the top spring trends for men’s shoes so that you can determine which style is right for you and your signature look. 

One thing I like to keep in mind is to try to go outside of your comfort zone every now and then. All too often, we gravitate towards the styles we already have sitting in our closets. It’s not a bad thing (at all!) to stay consistent with your style, but every now and then, a wildcard fashion statement can really update your look and elevate it from average to next-level. So consider opting for a fresh shoe style this spring, and start with the below list for inspiration…

Monk Straps

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Saying goodbye to laces is when the real magic happens. With monk strap shoes, you can be sure you’ll look sharp and unique—nothing like anyone else—just in time for wedding season. GQ has a great gallery full of different monk strap styles, so you can choose which types would go best with your go-to dress wear.

Boat Shoes

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Not just for seafarers! Boat shoes are a casual take on dress shoes that are perfect for pairing with shorts, making them a springtime essential for any man. Boat shoes are also great to wear with a pair of colored pants, so get creative with your look this time around and embrace spring colors.


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Every man should have a pair of oxfords. Not only are these shoes versatile, but they are also sleek and look good with a variety of outfits. Lyst says oxfords “smarten up your act,” and I couldn’t agree more. For spring, you should pick a lighter shade that will go well with your whites and spring/summer colors.


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Loafers are part of the must-have list for men’s shoes. More casual than monk straps but dressier than boat shoes, loafers are a go-to shoe when you’re having a footwear crisis and don’t know what to wear. Wear your loafers with a Friday night outfit—you can’t go wrong with these comfortable shoes. Get them in a funky color to spice things up this spring!


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Otherwise known as the slipper trend, slip-on shoes are really big this year. The best part is that they are being designed in all kinds of cuts and varieties, so there’s really a pair for everyone. According to The Trend Spotter Burberry Prorsum paired the trend with traditional attire, which has a very laid-back yet put-together vibe.



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