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Matthias Geerts


Currently I’m not in Asia anymore and I’m falling back in my daily routine. Still traveling here and there but mostly working again. Me and Denzel had an amazing time and certainly an unforgettable experience in The Datai Resort of Langkawi.

I wanted to write this review as our stay was something unique. Something I really wanted to share with you for if you’re ever traveling to Malaysia. You should definitely consider going to Langkawi. To explore this beautiful island and to stay at The Datai. I guarantee it will be worth your while!

I feel very grateful I could do this and that we were able to visit The Datai and experience it like every guest does. We were blown away from the unique setting and incredible service they offered. The Datai opened up about 24 years ago. Which means they will be celebrating their 25th anniversary next year, it’s gonna be huge. (At least that is what they told us)
In september the resort will close down for 9 months to renovate everything, to then reopen and celebrate their 25 years existence.
25 years old you would probably think, wow that’s a long time.
But you wouldn’t tell, the resort is still super modern. Nevertheless they’re restyling the room, and this with the same architect they hired 25 years ago. How cool is that! The man feels as excited about it as the management does and we are looking forward to the results.















With 25 years experience in hospitality and running one of the Leading Hotels in the World they make every stay magical. The service is so precise, something you really will become aware of when staying at The Datai.

The hotel is equipped with 120 rooms in total. Most of them are located deep in the jungle, which gives you the full privacy. Just imagine waking up in the middel of the jungle with the sound of birds or monkeys passing by! Furthermore, they have the most luxurious beach villas with a 24h private butler included, and the rooms there are just incredible! Various restaurants spread out over the resort, two pools, spa villa, different excursions, a in in house guide for morning/evening walks… shall I keep going?








I can’t credit the staff enough, everyone was super friendly and professional. I felt in love with the resort as soon they call you by your name, from upon arrival already!

We stayed 4 nights at The Datai, which was perfect for a quick getaway. We tried every restaurant, even the in room dining when we arrived. I have to stay – as in room dining is not always the best at hotels – this was super delicious. (I had a wagyu beef burger and Denzel the caesar salad) My all time favorite restaurant – which was very hard to pick because every restaurant has just something different to offer such as a different cuisine or setting – Was the main restaurant where we had an amazing 4 course experience with perfectly paired wines.

The day before we left we also took the time to test out the spa. It was amazing! We had a 2 hours treatment and literally felt reborn. More about this you can see here.







Hopefully you loved our post, and if you’re ever in Langkawi and are able to stay at The Datai and test it by yourself, you will have an amazing and unforgettable experience!



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