Style Insight:The Unending Fairy Tale Of Streetwear Apparel

Look around: if you felt that trend-setters could have been the ultimate to-watch pioneers for style expertise, you were wrong.

Chidozie Obasi

The streets are populated by all sorts of individuals who often – if not always – influence one another at simple sight.

Style is something that embodies a perception of – what makes us tick – by society. In major capitals such as Tokyo, Paris, Milan, London and NYC Street Fashion acquires an empowering “statement” able to deliver, communicate and provoke moods and intangible emotions.

Bold prints, kooky hairstyles and wacky accessories blended with the jazziest yet fascinating street-a-porter extravaganza: Streetwear apparel craves for more and more season after season, for the fact that labels have the necessity to give birth to fresh collections on a regular basis.


At Matt G Style, we pointed out an example of an outstanding style nerd. He is Luca Falcioni, and his remarkable outfit choices result to be utterly undisputable. The Italian stylist and Fashion Editor has managed to satiate the hunger of international publications thanks to an undeniable Italian savoir faire, which has led him to wear some of the world’s most enticing brands to Fashion Week shows.


But his talent doesn’t just attract press: through his creative journey, he’s had the privilege to contribute and collaborate with a range of high profiled clients, including Vogue, GQ, L’Officiel, Wonderland, Flaunt and more.

I know, how impressive! Right?

But let’s keep the focus back on the clothing situation: the truth is, nothing is never too new anymore – and by the time you know it – it’s old again. We’re simply insatiable.


The fairy tale’s conclusion?

Well, if you click repeat… it begins afresh!


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