Style It Right: The Must-Know Street Wear Brand Of The Moment

Chidozie Obasi

Born in South London, Ihani & Maechi approaches streetwear in an utterly astounding way. Releasing their third ready-to-wear collection titled “Escape to Space”, the label has been able to merge their design process mixing tailored details with a street-luxe feel.

Founded by the brothers Jason and Charles Onuoha, its name derives from the designers’ middle names, used to highlight their African roots.

Structure and practicality are – undeniably – unmissable, not to mention the playful use of beaming tones. The inspiration has thriven from the struggles of daily routines, accentuating the idea of creating a space apposite for escaping burdens. The presence of a duskier palette symbolises a negative facet of life, in contrast with the radiancy of life denoted by much softer hues.

The collection marches forward and pushes the brand’s core philosophy, which stands for “style, comfort and minimal effort”. Moreover, it comprises statement pieces including their contrast pocket microfiber shirt, pinstripe Soho trousers and red cotton drill parka jacket.

Though, now comes the real question: are you geared up to enrich your Spring closet people?

* adds it to the wish list *




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