Sunset Forest

Matthias Geerts
Hi Guys! Finally the blog is online!

Sunset forest, Matthias Geerts for Neža Žehelj!

A few weeks ago Neža Žehelj sent me this beautiful necklace, I’m showing it to you on my blog.
I’m promotng her amazing brand. Neža Žehelj atelier is located in Slovenia.
There she makes all this beautiful jewelry.
I’m really happy to show Neža Žehelj jewelery. It’s really cool!
If you have any questions about prices or other things you can always contact me or Neža Žehelj.
Don’t forget to mention me in your message if you send her 😉


Matthias Geerts

In this blog you can read about my style and hers. (@Dielkehofkens on Instagram)

I’m wearing a chill kaki shirt and a beige short, these colors matched really good with the necklace and the nature.
She is wearing a vintage blouse also beige, and a kaki trouser.
For the shoes I chose for casual kaki-green shoe with brown leather. you can find these on ASOS.
She is wearing Steve Maddens.


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