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Hi guys,

They’re almost here.. The Adidas Supercolor Superstars designed by Pharell Williams.
Exclusively available at Monar Antwerp and its also thanks to this legendary shoe shop that I got the opportunity to master these kicks..

As final blogger in line after Hannes Coudenys (the man behind Ugly Belgian Houses), Paulien Riemis (polienne.com), Ruth Van Soom (thejourneyofruth.com) and Jonathan Zegbe (jonthegold.com) I get to promote the launch of the #supercolor superstar sneakers.. One big thanks to my man Jon to nominate me, you know I love some exclusive gifts!

The sneakers come in 50 colours and of course I went for my favourite colour navy blue.. They are very easy to combine but here’s some outfit inspiration for those in need.

Join me and my fellow bloggers at MONAR ANTWERP on March 27th (the event) Which is today! If you want these exclusive sneakers I recommend you to be quick because it’s a limited stock!

And after that at 04:00 PM they’re having an event, I’ll be there around 05:00 PM See you then! 😉

Cheers, thanks for reading!

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Sneakers (c/o Adidas) – Tee (c/o COS)
Trousers (c/o Zara) – Socks (c/o Springfield)


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