That See-It-To-Believe-It Major Tailoring Moment Was Brought To Us By Timothée Chalamet, Live From Venice Film Festival

A tailor’s dream: bedecked by a head-to-toe Haider Ackermann’s suit, Chalamet’s ensemble spoke real sartorial grandeur.

Chidozie Obasi

For the premier of Chalamet’s upcoming Shakesperian drama, entitled The King, the Academy-award nominated actor had assorted options on deck to choose from, particularly for an event as traditional as Venice Film Festival. Acant-garde introspection was key to his final choice: as he could have easily picked a full-on black attire on his suiting option, he chose to shake things up a little, by gracing the red carpet with a far-from-subordinate contemporary tailored piece designed by Haider Ackermann.

Toned in pewter grey, the two-piece suit -which featured a fine drapery across the waist- finely primed Chalamet’s body. The fitted blazer jacket -paired with a matching silvery collarless undershirt- was bravely cinched at the waist with two richly toned belts, adding a breezy take to the silhouette’s shaping, detail which isn’t often seen on red carpets. Elsewhere, trousers were rolled up: this could be as a result of the actor wanting to stabilise the elegance and show off his leather-zipped heeled boots.

With the passing of seasons, we’ve noticed that generic notions of tailoring are getting subtler, liaising a much more radical approach to traditional means of shaping and what not. A new vision of handsomeness has vividly hit its best target – this, through Ackermann’s latest design concepts, we get to tap into a world of gendered conformity that’s swiftly burgeoning a bold sense of poised unconventionality.

The tousled trick? Chalamet’s curls, of course, which add up to his signature style trademark.



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