The Big Christmas Gift Guide by MattG Style

Matthias Geerts

Hi Guys!

Christmas is getting closer, still haven’t found all your gifts or you don’t have a clue what to get someone? Like I promised here is the Big Christmas Gift Guide!
This is for all the girls, sisters, brothers or son’s that don’t know what to buy for their favorite male member of the family!
Every year it’s a struggle what to buy, Well I will help you out! 😉

I picked out some nice things that are pretty cool to have, maybe it’s even a part of my wish list for Christmas. 😉
Remember it’s winter so dark colors will do best! 
Scarfs, hats and socks are one of the easiest items, go for dark colors or if you know he likes something in particular like the red scarf in the left corner then go for that one! 😉

Dark jeans or jumpers or cardigans are items you won’t do any wrong with.
Accessories are also nice to get; like a wallet, sunglasses (maybe to ski now), perfume etc. 
Besides the YSL perfume intense is a really nice one!!
The Michael Kors watch is one of my favorites on the list or an elegant Daniel Wellington is also very nice.

Combine it with some bracelets? Bracelets are also a perfect and easy gift!

Here the links of all the items:

1. Ray-Ban 

(use “holidaymattgstyle” for 15% Discount on your entire order)

Hope you like the items I picked out or I hope now you have some more inspiration! 
Happy winter times and good luck with the Christmas gift quest! 


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