The “Chunk-Yet-Bulk” Desirable Trainer Fetish: CAT FOOTWEAR

All You Need To Know – And See!

Chidozie Obasi

A prodigious footwear brand which will never fail – or at least, I hope not for a long time – to quench your craving for comfort, aesthetic and irresistible quality: CAT FOOTWEAR is the to-go-to shoe of the moment, storming its extraordinary endurance and silhouette as spotted in countless Fashion Week streetstyle shots over the past seasons.

Bold and eccentric, the current trend for chunky, overbuilt footwear cannot be deserted. The Cat Intruder is back and serves as an excellent streetstyle staple with a distinctive yet unique appeal.

Enticing prices and tempting resilience features?

Guessing there’s no time to mess about: grab your wallets folks, and find some of the spiciest styles featured in the gallery below…

* basket overflowed, oh dear! *


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