The Emerging Talent Who Will Blow Your Mind: Meet Seyon Amosu.

A “creative hybrid”, working incessantly to accomplish a long-term dream of becoming an affirmed creative director and stylist, Seyon has kindly offered to share his journey within Fashion likewise the tips which aided him to succeed in industry.

Chidozie Obasi

Hi there! What is your full name?
Seyon Amosu.

Give me a brief description about yourself…
I find this question so difficult as there are so many layers of Seyon. I call myself the “creative hybrid” and in my personal style, a stand out chameleon, a perfectionist, mysterious but most of all, AUTENTHIC.

What is your job role?
I am a freelance stylist and creative director.

What’s the favourite thing about your job?
Seeing my ideas coming to life either exactly the way I’ve seen it in my head or in a different way.

How did you start up? How did your journey grow?
Prior to my university path, where I picked Fashion, I didn’t have any industry experience. Though growing up, I had great interest in Fashion, singing, acting and cooking. I always used to sketch designs and I wanted to do something innovative with them. I used to try change something that was usual in the designs to create something new.

At that time, when I used to live in Nigeria, I wasn’t really exposed to Fashion in the usual way. Here and there when we had electricity – and when I was by myself – I’d watch runway shows all day! I just had that desire to be in that atmosphere.

I also used to be the one who my mum took to the market for Christmas shopping. Being African, we used to get brand new traditional clothes made every Christmas.

I didn’t grow up with the luxury of buying new clothes often. I used to be the one to pick out everyone’s Sunday church outfits, and my older sister’s date outfits.

Even my aunties used to ask for my opinion about what they were wearing or were wanting to wear for family occasions held back then. My mum used to always say that whoever got married to me would have been very lucky because there was nothing I couldn’t do.

I was always worrying and imaging what my future would be like; I saw my life outside the two-bed room flat we lived at in Amuwo Odofin Festac Alaba in Nigeria, Lagos.

I very much believed that I was born to be great and to do things that are beyond me.

I believed strongly that I was going to go abroad and travel the world owning this empire that does everything creatively!

At the age of 14 I moved to London, and I had no connections to Fashion as such then because of the environment I was in and the school I attended.

After a few years, I then started studying Fashion Media & Promotion at UCA Rochester.

That’s how my journey started really, because university gave me such a different perspective about the Fashion spectrum. I took my university course very seriously, I wanted to learn so much about the industry I’m so passionate about, so I did a lot of work experience and that gave me a whole lot of realisation about the industry and what is important to get me out there.

I decided that the beginning of my career was then, not when I finished my degree!

So, I did a lot of assisting and interning here and there. I managed to meet some amazing people along the way including my GUAP mag family and people like my mentor Ibrahim Kamara Stylist and Editor-at-Large for ID Magazine.

I’m so grateful for the pathway I chose to undertake because I’ve been able to accomplish some great freelance work such as editorial campaigns, did with the Daily Paper brand, which came out recently and many more exciting things that are coming out soon.

Why did you choose to follow the Fashion route as opposed to another?
Because it’s all I knew really; it’s what I’m drawn to. There is nothing else I see myself doing or that I’d rather be doing.

I mean… I don’t call myself the creative hybrid for no reason.

I have so many passions and I want to explore them all so yeah anything you will see me doing will be creative cause that’s what I know how.

Is there something that makes your persona unique?
You don’t know what Seyon might do next.


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt, being in the Fashion industry?
I’m still learning and becoming Seyon but so far, some of the most important things I’d say to people out there would be not to wait for the saviour or that person who will make things happen for you!

Just go and do it, throw yourself out there prove to yourself that your ideas and your vision is worth your own effort.

If you can’t do that how do you expect anyone else to? And do what you can with what you have.

Any tips you could give to anyone willing to start a career in fashion?
University is not for everyone but if you are at in education and you think after that you will get a job straight away with no industry experience, then you are really deceiving yourself not anyone else.

Would you like to express one last thing?
One last thing on behalf of it, if not for most occasions is being true to yourself, just being and doing you will get you everything you need and want – trust me!

Don’t force relationships and connections: the right ones will come to you and what is meant to be yours will be!


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